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Our Investments


We are strategic investors and have many years of personal experience in the strategic and operational management and development of companies. Together our partners have more than 260 years of experience in automotive

industry, mining, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy and mechanical engineering.

The Arclif Group AG acquires companies in order to keep them in the portfolio in the long term. In doing so, we pursue a partnership approach with the operational management of the investment.

We have personal contacts with industry, associations, institutions, research and finance.

Due to our lean structure we are able to make quick decisions and as experienced entrepreneurs we can strategically and operationally support our investments.


We usually enter into participation in the form of an open participation (acquisition of shares, GmbH shares, other company rights).
It can also be a combination of shares and convertible bonds or options.
In addition, the company may also acquire silent participation.

Both majority and minority interests are possible. In the case of minority shareholdings, we ensure that clear information and control rights are in place.

Acquisition of an investment:

Conducting a pre-due diligence, full due diligence and negotiations with the company. We need between the first contact and decision to purchase, depending on the situation, between 3 and 4 weeks.
Measures planning and cash flow management immediately after acquisition of the investment until the stabilization of the company.

Investment Profile

The Arclif Group AG takes over companies in complex situations of upheaval right up to current probate proceedings, leads these companies and develops them seriously and supports them.

Criteria for target companies:

Companies in transition situations, eg. Privatizations, corporate succession or spin-offs
Euro 10-100 million turnover
Investments of up to Euro 15 million equity
Acquisition of majority interests
Switzerland, Austria, Germany and worldwide
All industries

Accumulated knowledge and skills through experience

Professional team will assist you in an adequate risk assessment, lift your business

We take charge of all issues related to time operations

Over the years of experience, we have developed a system of values that brought the benefit of recommendation

Company Services