The world`s ageing population and prevalence of chronic diseases lead to high demand for vital signs monitoring which is essential. W4Y is the Platform specifically geared towards wearable devices in „medical wearable technology“ with outstanding and state of the art medical devices“ technology based on artificial nails within the healthcare sector.

In 2017 the biggest Swiss University clinic contacted W4Y to create an artificial nail which ensures 100% patient identification and monitoring especially during the thousand of operations having per year. W4Y ist he world first High-tech Wearable company which ensures a 100% patient identification system using an artificial nail with over 4000 pages of information on the nail / or personalized medical information transferred just in time via the clinic server with no storage on the nail. This technology working without any battery. Currently our R&D Team working on next generation of an artificial nail with permanent EKG measurement and blood sugar measurement technology.
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