Norge Mining PLC

Norge Minerals is a UK resources company, specializing in minerals, precious metals and physical commodity trading. The company’s industry focus, an addition to a variety of potential other industries, is the Fertilizer Industry, Titanium Industry as well as the Iron- and Steel Industry. The company has also processing capacity for precious metals recovery in another region in Norway.

Norge Mineral Resources business strategy of building value for its shareholders is to combine a pragmatic business approach of developing physical assets in ground for future production, in parallel with a near-opportunistic trading and recovery model for minerals of the three core businesses listed above . Norge Minerals secures these assets, develops them to near production, positions the realized quantifiable assets for sale, and establishes JVs and partnerships for future production and or future acquisitions. The company’s mission is to become the leader in securing stable regions for minerals in its core industries such as the Fertilizer-, Titanium- as well as the Iron- and Steel Industry. Norge Minerals aims also to realize an effective solution for precious metal material recovery, and to become a profitable commodity and natural resources company.

Vanadium Market

Vanadium is a byproduct of the Iron-ore production, i.e. melt residues that result from the production of iron contain. The extraction of Vanadium thus takes place in the production of one of the most important materials in the world - and thus in a process that happens without the intention of Vanadium extraction. And this without depletion of nature and the associated consequences for our ecosystems.

Demand for Vanadium for efficient power storage will increase with the expanding need of power storage for electricity produced in the renewable energy industry such as hydro, wind, and solar industry.

Fertilizer Market

The global phosphate fertilizers market size is expected to reach USD 78.06 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc, registering a 5.1% CAGR therein. Increasing world population and demand for diverse food has been a key factor driving market growth. In addition, limited availability of ploughed land and increasing meat consumption all over the world is fueling the demand for phosphate fertilizers over the forecast period.

Iron Market

The most common use of Ferrovanadium is in the production of steel. In 2017, 94% of domestic consumption of Vanadium was to produce iron and steel alloys. Ferrovanadium and other Vanadium alloys are used in carbon steel, alloy steel, high strength steel, and HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) steel. These steels are then used to make automotive parts, pipes, tools, and more.

Titanium Market

The market for titanium alloys is primarily being driven by rising demand from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and chemical, power and desalination industries. China is the largest producer and largest consumer of titanium alloy in Asia-Pacific. Moreover, in China, the maximum consumption of titanium alloy is in the chemical industries. As for the aerospace industry, Titanium is one of the most important raw materials. Boeing and Airbus, together, account for over 60% of the demand for Titanium alloys in the aerospace industry. Titanium alloys are used in aircraft engines, blades, shaft, and air-frame applications (landing gear, fasteners and wing beams). Titanium alloys’ capability of operating at extreme temperatures, ranging from sub-zero to over 600°C, make them useful in casings of aircraft engines, and other applications.

Gold Market

Based on an approximation using annual demand numbers and prices, total investment in investment bars and official coins amounted to $58 billion from 1968 to 2016 inclusive.

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