Wearable4you AG – is an Arclif Ventures sensor and high-tech division with offices in Zürich and Vienna

W4Y ist the Platform specifically geared towards products in „wearable technology“ with outstanding and state of the art products“ based on patented artificial finger nails. Starting in 2016 with an idea, to produce artificial fingernails which can change the colors within seconds via app, the company had the technical brake through in 2017 with its R&D team. This technology has been patented and meanwhile Wearable4you AG has 5 areas of high sensor technology

  • H4Y – Healthcare
  • S4Y – Security
  • A4Y – Advertisement
  • B4Y – Beauty
  • L4Y – Lifestyle

Wearable4you is 2.2 Billion Euro estimated company and so called Unicorn.

Wearable4you – smart up your life – For more information please visitVisit w4ylife.com!