Philip A. Loewen (Disruptive Strategist in a Digital World)

With over 20 years of experience in IT & SAP, legacy systems were challenging, disruptive technologies demanded change again and again, and digital transformation was at the center of it all.

As a kid, Lego’s were my world and my imagination/creativity was insatiable. I was always looking for a creative angle to make whatever I was doing, become fun. I grew up in an analog world and in college, starting digital was key. I have lived that transformation in every aspect of my life. Traveling intrigued me as well very early and my future job had to support this passion. So far, I have been to over 100 countries.

Across all of these experiences, one thing has become very clear: The Experience Economy is the one thing which has to get simpler, as everything else gets more complex. I am working on that since entering college in 1996. When was the last time an inspiration challenged you to new heights?