Executive MBA in Business Eng.& GM, born 1970, is an entrepreneur and a member of the Board of Directors of W4Y as Chief Business Officer. He is partner at an international service provider in the field of succession planning, M&A, digitalization, change management and executive search.  Uwe Simbeck has a technical background and 25 years of experience in the field of plastics molding for the automotive, medical and pharmaceutical industry with (Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging, Drug delivery & Diabetes Care, Surgical Instruments, Diagnostics NAT). His former positions were Head of Production, Head of Strategic Purchasing, Head of Supply Chain Management, Head of Operations, General Manager and CEO working abroad for international companies. Besides, he is lecturing in Business Engineering & Lean Management at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences.

Uwe Simbeck supports the Arclif Group in the areas of Business Engineering & Strategic Marketing.