With Elena Skorochod, managing director of the investment company Happy Pilli GmbH and another top shot of the Swiss investor scene, are rising, according to information provided by the management of Apricore AG (www.apricore.ch) , a producer of cosmetics and supplier of various cosmetic lines on vegetable like “Lou Assani.”

Apricore AG, one of Switzerland’s leading producers and suppliers of plant and vegetable products. natural cosmetic products (retail and online) , expands its range of products and two other top investors: Elena Skorochod, well-known for her investments in MEV CARS, M & P Pharma and the Alpha Group, is a member of the Supervisory Board of the of the Swiss company. Skorochod will become Apricore AG international Continue to push ahead with expansion.

Among other things, Elena Skorochod will support Apricore AG in the international expansion of the expansion further. Skorochod has already been successful in various pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and has extensive experience in the development of growth companies.

She also has in-depth expertise as an investor in the Swiss business world. and Board Member of various companies such as MEV CARS Switzerland GmbH, Happy Pilli GmbH, Arclif Group AG, M & P Pharma and others. In addition, the 38-year-old in Zurich, Switzerland the venture capital company Arclif Ventures, Nales Swiss Property and other service companies.

Due to the steadily increasing popularity of the “Lou Assani” brand and in the age of the Internet trading in numerous countries, Elena Skorochod is convinced that for the Apricore AG the time has come to penetrate more into new markets.

“Apricore AG has very successfully launched healthy cosmetic products and solutions which is preferred both in the retail sector and by drugstores and doctors. recommended, as the tolerability and results are outstanding”. says Elena Skorochod. “The company will be active in Switzerland but also in Europe. quickly among the leading suppliers of innovative and healthy cosmetics suppliers and has the potential to become a European leader. There are already has strong demand for Apricore AG’s products.”

“With our Swiss expansion, we have arrived at a point at which the knowledge and experience of Elena Skorochod and her team, companies on the international market is very valuable for Apricore AG”, says

Patrick Schärrer, CEO of Apricore AG. Our own care line “Lou Assani” is positioned in the field of cosmetic products with natural ingredients and two further product lines are planned after the successful start”.

Apricore AG is active in Switzerland and plans to expand into further markets. The Board of Directors of Apricore AG now consists of Patrick Schärrer, Chairman, Bruno Marroni Damian Firscher, Elena Skorochod and two other private investors from Germany and Switzerland.

Ueber Apricore AG:

Die Firma Apricore AG, ansässig in Nännikon, ist ein junges Unternehmen für Konzeption und Absatz von Kosmetik-Artikeln sowie verwandten Produktbereichen. Die entwickelte und eigenproduzierte Kosmetiklinie „Lou Assani“ beliefert Sie mittlerweile schweizweit. Eine eigene Pflegelinie „Lou Assani“ ist im Bereich kosmetische Produkte mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen positioniert und es sind nach dem erfolgreichen Start zwei weitere Produktlinien, geplant.

Die Apricore AG konzentriert sich auf Kosmetika und Pflegeprodukte mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.

Das Motto: natürlich & schön!

Die Apricore AG beliefern und berät den Fachhandel in der Schweiz vor Ort und hat mittlerweile eine Vielzahl von Produkten wie Lou Assani im Schweizer Markt lanciert. Zukünftig soll die Expansion Europaweit mit den Lou Assani Produkten forciert werden. Mittlerweile gibt es die Apricore Produkte sind in mehr als 150 nahmhaften Apotheken und Drogerien in der Schweiz erhältlich.