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Our Ventures

What We Do

Since its founding in 2000 by the majority shareholder and a group of private investors, originally as a trust and asset management company, the new Arclif Group AG, as investor and management partner, is developing a portfolio of investments with medium-sized companies in a promising situation.

We are also interested in corporate succession as well as corporate restructuring or start-ups.
The deciding factor is always the company potential whose value we develop.

The Arclif Group AG acquires majority stakes in companies in transitional situations such as turnaround, succession planning or MBOs / MBIs.

The Arclif Group AG is actively involved in the acquired company and assumes operational responsibility.

The defined goals for a company are achieved through intensive collaboration with the current management and comprehensive leadership experience of the Arclif Ventures team.

Accumulated knowledge and skills through experience

Professional team will assist you in an adequate risk assessment, lift your business

We take charge of all issues related to time operations

Over the years of experience, we have developed a system of values that brought the benefit of recommendation