VROOM is an exclusive invitation-only fundraising event that unites select tech companies with extraordinary potential, tech executives, and investors such as family offices, high-net-worth individuals and venture capitalists.

We welcome both local entrepreneurs and international individuals who have cashed out of their tech businesses and like to keep their fingers on the pulse of industry. Vroom is also proud to have the continued interest and presence of C-level tech executives from various thriving European businesses.

VROOM presents an exclusive international networking environment, as well as a privileged opportunity to invest in innovative and disruptive businesses at the beginning of their journey.



Join VROOM to meet movers & shakers in all technology fields and in various roles.

Increase your visibility and develop your professional network. Start relationships that will generate referrals, employment opportunities, strategic alliances, and joint ventures.

Our invitees include Investment Advisors who represent the interests of select angel network; Family Offices from Monaco and Geneva, who are looking for alternative investment opportunities; VC and Private Equity firms from all over Europe, who are looking for the game-changers of the future

Stay current on tech industry trends and glimpse the future.